no-fail chocolate sponge cake

Ultimate Chocolate Sponge Cake Recipe

Need a simple, no-fail chocolate sponge cake recipe for your next cake creation? I’ve got you covered with this fantastic, rich and chocolatey version! While most chocolate cakes tend to be dense and fudgy, this recipe yields a super fluffy, light as air cake layer that will surprise you! And you’ll love how versatile this recipe is – you can fill and frost this cake with just about anything!

This chocolate sponge cake is ridiculously easy to make once you have the technique down and it’s almost impossible to mess it up! Watch my video recipe for step-by-step instructions!

What sets a sponge cake apart from other cakes is the method of preparation and ingredients. Recipes like this one call for more eggs than usual, six to be exact! I know that sounds like a lot for a cake but it’s the eggs that give these cake layers volume. The first and most important step is whisking the eggs and sugar until the eggs are pale in color, thick and voluminous. The more volume, the better! It’s equally important to add the dry ingredients gently, folding carefully but thoroughly to keep the eggs fluffy.

If you’ve ever baked a sponge cake before, you know that they tend to be much drier than a traditional butter and sugar based cakes. That makes them great filling with a variety of fillings! Try these cake layers with creamy or fruity fillings such as custards, citrus curds or fruit preserves; dessert liqueurs also work well. Since sponge cakes don’t have a ton of moisture on their own, they absorb other liquids and moisture very well!


For this simple cake, I used blueberry preserves and chocolate ganache, along with my ‘German Custard Buttercream’. It was absolutely delicious! The preserves and chocolate both made the cake very moist and tender!

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