chocolate raspberry cake with meringue

Chocolate Raspberry Curd Cake Recipe (video)


This eye-catching and delicious chocolate raspberry curd cake recipe is bound to become a favorite! It’s made with simple chocolate sponge cake layers, a home-made lemon raspberry curd that you’ll want with everything, and garnished with torched meringue! This raspberry cake is so much fun to make and the torched meringue on top adds extra flair! For those that prefer their chocolate cakes on the less sweet side, this one is for you!

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All the Best Flavors!

This sweet and tart chocolate raspberry cake is all about the flavors! I love combining chocolate with fruit and berries and this chocolate raspberry cake hits the sweet spot! I start with delicate and fluffy chocolate sponge cake layers; sponge cake is the perfect base for this cake and absorbs the filling well. If you want a more detailed tutorial on making sponge cake, checked out my ‘Back to Cake Basics’ episode:

Fillings & Topping!

The raspberry-flavored lemon curd filling should be a recipe all on it’s own! I love this tart, sweet, fruity and tangy curd and it’s the perfect filling for this cake. The flavor is so good, you’ll want to eat it by the spoonfuls and use it on every thing! And for the grande finale, I topped this chocolate cake off with torched sweet meringue!  It’s a fun and pretty finish to this cake! If you prefer not to leave the cake ‘naked’, simply spread the meringue over the sides, too.

Just look at that beautiful marshmallow meringue! And that raspberry lemon custard just oozing out the sides! I don’t know about you, but I want to eat this cake right off my screen!

sliced chocolate raspberry cake with torched meringue and raspberries

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Chocolate Raspberry Cake with raspberry lemon curd filling

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