blt breakfast sandwich with runny egg yolk

BLT Breakfast Sandwich (video)


The best every BLT breakfast sandwich recipe!! BLT stands for bacon, lettuce and tomato! My easy sandwich is made with crispy, toasted bread and all the BLT fixings: creamy avocado, sliced tomatoes, smoky bacon, sunny side up egg and even some spring greens! You’ll want this delicious breakfast recipe every single day! This sandwich is so easy to make!

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How to Make a BLT Breakfast Sandwich

The first step to making this amazing breakfast sandwich is preparing the bacon! You can prepare the bacon on the stovetop in a frying pan, or in the oven. For oven preparation, first preheat the oven to 375F. Place the bacon strips onto a cooling rack and over a large baking sheet lined with foil. Bake the bacon for 15 to 20 minutes, or until golden and crispy. Different thickness of bacon may require different baking times. If you want to use a frying pan: add the bacon to a cold pan, then heat over medium-high heat and cook until the bacon is crispy.

Next, it’s time to prepare the eggs! I love to use bacon fat to fry the eggs for even more flavor! Preheat a large frying pan over medium heat, add the bacon fat and break a few eggs into the pan. To cook a sunny side up egg, cook the egg slowly, allowing the egg white to cook completely while the egg yolk stays raw. Season the eggs with salt and pepper to taste!

breakfast blt sandwich recipe with sunny side up egg, bacon and lettuce

All the Toppings

This incredible BLT breakfast sandwich recipe wouldn’t be complete without the veggies! For my recipe, I like to use sliced tomatoes, spring greens and an avocado spread. Sliced avocado can easily slide out of the sandwich but an avocado spread stays put and makes it easier to eat!

  • For the avocado spread: just scoop out the avocado into a large bowl, add some lime juice, salt and olive oil. Mash the avocado into a puree using a large fork or a potato masher.
Assembling the Sandwich

Putting together this breakfast recipe is super easy! First, toast your bread! I like to use a thick-cut artisan bread for the best results. Toast the bread under the oven broiler or in a toast oven. Next, spread one slice of bread with a generous amount of mayonnaise and the second slice with the prepared avocado spread. Add a bit of spring greens next, followed by the tomato. Always layer the tomato over the lettuce to keep the bread from getting soggy!

Next, add the crispy bacon, fried egg and the second slice of bread. Sandwich together and enjoy!

breakfast sandwich with toasted bread, lettuce, tomatoes and bacon

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