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Beef Rice Pilaf – Plov (video)


The most delicious rice recipe! “Plov” is an aromatic rice pilaf recipe that originated from Uzbekistan centuries ago but it has also become a staple dish in Russia and Eastern Europe. I even have this recipe in my new cookbook, Beyond Borscht! This traditional and classic ‘Beef Plov’ recipe is so delicious, aromatic and will not disappoint! Plov is traditionally made with lamb but this beef version is also delicious! Want a chicken version? Check out my ‘Easy Chicken Plov’ recipe!

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How to Make Plov

Making this beef rice pilaf is super easy and done in two steps! First, start by preparing the meat. Cube it into chunks, then brown all over and season well with salt and pepper. Next, saute the carrots, onion and garlic. I season my plov with cumin, coriander, ginger, paprika and mustard to add amazing flavor and aroma. The beef needs to be braised for about an hour in beef broth until it’s tender and falls apart easily.

Next, it’s time to add the rice and garbanzo beans. Sprinkle the rice over the beef but do not stir the ingredients together. The rice needs to cook sitting on top of the meat and carrot mixture. The rice should be completely covered with the beef broth by about a 1-cm. Add more broth or water as needed. Cook the rice covered until all the liquids have been absorbed the rice is done. I like to leave my pan covered and resting for another 10 minutes before fluffing the rice with a fork. Serve this beef plov with pickles or pickled tomatoes for a traditional meal!

traditional beef plov with garlic and garbanzo beans

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Beef Rice Pilaf Plov video recipe

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Learn how to make "plov", a Russian rice pilaf made with braised beef! This delicious and fragrant rice dish is super easy to make and really, really good! View Recipe Link

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