stewed beef and potatoes

Жаркое – Stewed Beef & Potatoes


Жаркое, aka ‘Stewed Beef and Potatoes’ – a delicious Eastern European comfort food that I ate so often growing up! Every time I make this in my kitchen, it brings back warm and delicious memories of my parents making this at home. Even though my mom usually made lunch and dinner in our house, my dad was the one who always made this dish. I love to enjoy this dish with a side of Russian pickles, marinated tomatoes and sour cream.

This stewed beef potatoes recipe is prepared with the most delicious, most aromatic tomato sauce and seasoned with fresh dill. I use a cheap cut of meat like chuck roast, which works very well for this dish. Once the beef is braised, it’s super soft and just falls apart when you bite into it. This beef and potato dish is simply the best! You’ll definitely be coming back for seconds!

Make sure to watch my video recipe for all the details!


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