braised pork with tomato mushroom sauce over mashed potatoes with fresh herbs

Ukrainian Braised Pork Recipe with Creamy Mashed Potatoes (video)


You’ll love this hearty and delicious Ukrainian braised pork with creamy mashed potatoes from the very first bite! This video is sponsored by National Pork Board. The pork shoulder is slowly braised with an aromatic mushroom and carrot sauce and is so tender! The creamy sauce is made with ketchup and sour cream, a staple ingredient in Ukraine. And the buttery potatoes are the perfect complement for this pork dinner dish! It’s Ukrainian comfort food at its best!

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Pork is the Best Passport

You don’t have to travel to Eastern Europe to enjoy the flavors of the Ukrainian cuisine! Experience authentic world flavors at home with this incredible pork dinner recipe! Pork is a very versatile protein that’s a staple ingredient in many cuisines, including the Ukrainian cuisine! Unwind and enjoy this hearty, delicious and easy dish with friends and family any day of the week!

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Ukrainian braised pork shoulder with gravy and potatoes

Preparing the Pork

I start my Ukrainian braised pork recipe with the pork! I use between 3 and 4 pounds of pork shoulder for this dish. First, cube the pork into 1-inch, bite-sized pieces. Next, the pork needs to be browned all over. Preheat a large frying pan over medium-high heat and add a drizzle of cooking oil. Once the oil is hot, add a portion of the cubed pork shoulder. I recommend browning the meat in batches, to avoid overcrowding the pan. Season the pork generously with salt while frying. Once the pork is well browned, transfer it into a large braising pan.

braised pork shoulder with tomato mushroom gravy over mashed potatoes

Creamy Mushroom Sauce

You’ll love the creamy and aromatic mushroom sauce with the braised pork! It’s made with sour cream and ketchup, which might sound different from any other sauce you’ve made before. Sour cream is a staple ingredient in the Ukrainian cuisine and this dish is not exception! I recommend using full-fat sour cream for this recipe.

  • First, brown the diced mushrooms in the same pan used for the pork shoulder. Then, add the grated carrots and diced onion. Sauté the mixture for a few minutes until the onion is tender. Next, add in the garlic and spices. This sauce is so aromatic thanks to ground coriander, cumin, smoked paprika and black pepper. I also add a bit of all-purpose flour to help thicken the sauce as it cooks.
  • In a separate bowl or measuring cup, combine the water, ketchup, sour cream and salt. Whisk the ingredients together until uniform, then combine the mushroom mixture, sauce and pork.
Braising the Pork Shoulder

Once you have everything in the braising pot, it’s time to let the pork cook away! First, bring the pork a boil over high heat, then reduce the heat to low and let the pork braise for 1 ½ hours, until it’s very tender. Keep the pan covered with a lid that’s slightly ajar, to let some of the liquids evaporate.

Ukrainian braised pork with mushroom gravy and potatoes

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

While the pork is braising, it’s the perfect time to prepare the creamy mashed potatoes. I usually peel and cut about 4 to 5 pounds of large potatoes for this recipe. Cube the potatoes into uniform pieces for even cooking. Boil the potatoes in salted water for about 15 minutes, or until fork tender.

Drain the potatoes, then add the butter. I recommend adding the butter right away into the hot potatoes, so it melts quickly. As you’re mashing the potatoes, add a few tablespoons of cream as needed. Keep the potatoes warm until ready to enjoy with the braised pork.

creamy mashed potatoes with butter and fresh dill

Serving Suggestions

For serving my Ukrainian Braised Pork, I recommend spooning the pork and sauce over a bed of the creamy mashed potatoes. Sprinkle some fresh dill and parsley over the top for flavor and garnish. For a traditional Ukrainian meal, serve the dish with pickles or marinated tomatoes.

Alternative Cooking Methods

This hearty pork dish can also be prepared in a slow cooker or a pressure cooker! Follow these instructions with a few minor changes for an easy meal!

  • Slow Cooker: if using a slow cooker, prepare the recipe as written, except reduce the water from 6 cups to 3 cups. Combine the browned pork, mushroom mixture and sauce in the slow cooker, cover and cook on high for 6 hours, or low for 8 hours.
  • Pressure Cooker: if using pressure cooker, prepare the recipe as written, except reduce the water from 6 cups to 3 cups. Combine the browned pork, mushroom mixture, and sauce in the pressure cooker. Pressure cook at high pressure for 25 minutes to 30 minutes or use the recommended setting on your pressure cooker. Carefully open the lid!
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Ukrainian Braised Pork with creamy mashed potatoes video recipe

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