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My newest cookbook is available at a large number of retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, Target, Walmart, and IndieBound.

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My newest cookbook will feature 75 all-new recipes from the Ukrainian and Eastern European cuisine! Recipes will include appetizers, salads, soups, side dishes, main entrees and of course, desserts! Cookbook is hitting stores everywhere March 31st! Be the first one to get it by pre-ordering and it helps my book rating even before it comes out!

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Press Release

With 420k YouTube subscribers and 280k Facebook fans, Tatyana Nesteruk is one of the most popular food bloggers from Eastern Europe. In this cookbook that her devoted readers have been begging for, she shares the food from her native Ukraine, which includes dishes from Russia and other Eastern European countries. This is the food she loves to cook at home―delicious, hearty and comforting meals like Beef Borscht, Chicken Kiev, Pelmeni (Dumplings) with Creamy Dill Sauce, Chicken Shashliki (Kabobs), Savory Blini (Crepes) with Chicken and Mushrooms, and so much more. And of course she’s including her favorite Ukrainian desserts, including Napoleon Torte, Cherry Vareniki (Dumplings), Apple Piroshki (Fried Pastries) and Waffle Rolls with Caramel Filling.

Tatyana Nesteruk cookbook author of Beyond Borscht

This cookbook will quickly become a beloved treasure for anyone who has ever lived in or visited Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Hungary and the other countries that make up Eastern Europe. Balancing nostalgic taste with the ingredients available in her California kitchen, Tatyana improves traditional dishes by brightening the flavors, streamlining the methods and curating the recipes to be appealing for today’s busy cook with a sophisticated palate. For those from Eastern Europe, adventurous foodies curious about this part of the world and anyone who loves comfort food, you won’t want to pass this one by.

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Beyond Borscht Ukrainian cookbook

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