banana cake with caramel sauce drip with chopped pecans

Caramel Banana Banoffee Cake Recipe (video)


If you love banana bread, you’re going to be head-over-heels in love with my Banoffee cake recipe! This incredible caramel banana cake is what dreams are made of! It’s made with delicate vanilla pecan cake layers and filled with dulce de leche and fresh bananas. I use my easy 5-Ingredient Cream Cheese Frosting to frost the cake and my Caramel Sauce for garnishing the top! This elevated banana cake is everything you ever dreamed of! You can also find this cake in my first cookbook, The European Cake Cookbook!

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All About Banoffee!

If you’ve never heard of or tried Banoffee cake or pie, you’re missing out! This delicious banana pie recipe was first made in the United Kingdom and it’s a very popular English dessert. Traditional Banoffee pie is made with bananas, toffee and cream layered over a biscuit crust. You can even find some versions with chocolate! My Banoffee pie inspired cake has all the best flavors of the original pie recipe, in cake form!

slice of Banoffee Cake with bananas and caramel and pecans

Vanilla Pecan Cake

This incredible caramel banana cake starts with delicate and delicious vanilla pecan cake layers! I use a simple, buttermilk vanilla cake batter recipe and fold in the chopped pecans. The cake layers are very moist and dotted with crunchy nuts! You can also try adding toffee bits to the batter for even more flavor! Can’t find buttermilk in a store near you! You can make your own by using 1 cup whole milk and 1 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar. Just add the juice to the milk, whisk and let it stand for a few minutes, turning sour.

Allow the cake layers to cool completely, then use a serrated knife to level off the tops. This recipe yields fairly flat layers but you want the inside of the cake to be exposed. This will allow the caramel to seep into all the nooks and air pockets in the cake layers, adding more flavor!

caramel banana cake with cream cheese frosting and caramel drip

Cream Cheese Frosting

For frosting this incredible Banoffee cake, I’m using one of ‘Back to Cake Basics’ recipes – my 5-Ingredient Cream Cheese Frosting. This frosting is so creamy, fluffy and smooth – perfect for this banana cake recipe! I have a separate video recipe for the frosting, so make sure to check it out!

The trick to making great frosting is whipping the butter and cream cheese properly. I usually whisk my softened butter on high speed for 7 to 8 minutes, until the butter is fluffy and almost white in color. Then I add in the cream cheese and mix again for a few minutes. Add the confectioner’s sugar last and mix again for a few minutes. If your frosting is too soft, place it into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to an hour. You can even make the frosting the day before and refrigerate it overnight. When you’re ready to use the frosting, let it stand at room temperature for a few hours, then mix with a spatula.

Caramel Sauce

A traditional Banoffee pie uses dulce de leche for the caramel flavor. For my caramel banana cake, I used my homemade Caramel Sauce recipe instead. I recommend making the caramel sauce the day before making the cake, or at least a few hours ahead. It needs a few hours to cool completely. If you don’t have time or don’t wish to make your own sauce, just grab a can of dulce de leche and use that instead. It will be perfect for this cake, too! I have a separate video recipe for the caramel sauce so make sure to check that out!

To thicken the homemade sauce, I place it into the refrigerator until it’s nicely chilled. Once the cake layers are cooled, gently spread a generous amount of the caramel onto each cake layer. I also like to add a caramel drip to garnish the cake. To do this, I microwave the sauce for about 30 seconds, until it’s more runny and easier to pour. Gently spoon the caramel over the edges to garnish the cake.

caramel banana Banoffee Cake slice with cream cheese frosting

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Caramel Banana Banoffee Cake video recipe

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