Bold & Smoky Pepper Marsala Pasta

My ‘Bold and Smoky Pepper Marsala Pasta’ is bound to become a family favorite! This delicious recipe was sponsored by Holland House cooking wines, a line of flavor-enhancing premium cooking wines. I use Marsala cooking wine to add a bold boost of flavor to the sauce, along with lots of smoky sausage and oven-roasted sweet red bell peppers, to create an unforgettable flavor combination.

Cooking wines are great for everyday meals! I’ve been using Holland House cooking wines since I started cooking. My mom always had this cooking wine in her pantry and now I love to use it in my kitchen, too. I love adding Marsala wine to my pasta dishes, chili and cold-weather stews. Try adding a few tablespoons of Marsala cooking wine to your stroganoff for an amazing boost of flavor! Explore all 5 flavors that Holland House has to offer on their website and Facebook page. For a coupon, visit

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