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Ukrainian Beef Borscht (video)


Borscht is one of the most traditional and identify classics of the Ukrainian cuisine. This hearty and delicious beef and beet soup is made with loads of fresh beets, cabbage, potatoes, veggies and a tomato base. Once the beef is tender, the soup is finished with a generous about of cabbage and fresh herbs. Enjoy this Ukrainian soup with sour cream and toasted bread. For more Ukrainian recipes, make sure to check out my newly released cookbook, Beyond Borscht!

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Varieties of Borscht

Borscht recipes vary slightly depending on the different regions of Ukraine and Russia – my mother was raised in central Ukraine and taught me this recipe. I have slightly changed the recipe over the years but this version is absolutely delicious! My family and friends always request I make borscht when they come over! There are many different versions of borscht, including varieties with chicken or pork or even vegetarian versions without meat. I also really enjoy ‘green’ borscht, made with sorrel leaves and eggs. It’s a great option of summertime. Find my Green Borscht recipe in my cookbook, Beyond Borscht.

How to Make Borscht

This incredible borscht recipe starts with the beef, of course! Preheat a large soup pot, add a drizzle of cooking oil and the chopped beef. Brown the beef all over and season it generously with salt. Next, it’s time for the beef to braise. I like my beef chunks to be extra tender, so I usually cook the beef for over an hour. About half way through the braising process, add in the chopped beets. They take a little longer to cook than the rest of the veggies. Once the meat is nice and soft, add in the mire poix (onions, celery, carrots), potatoes and prepare the tomato sauce.

The tomato sauce, or ‘zasharka’ as my mom calls it, adds so much great flavor! First, saute an onion until it’s soft and tender, then add tomato sauce, ketchup and seasonings. Simmer the sauce for a few minutes, then add to the soup. Once the potatoes are done and tender, add in the last few ingredients: cabbage, parsley and dill. Cook the soup for a few minutes more, then remove it from the heat. The cabbage will continue to soften as the soup stands.

ukrainian beef borscht with sour cream and chives

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy this delicious Ukrainian borscht recipe the traditional way! It’s typically served with a side of toasted baguette or dark, rye bread. Top the borscht off with a heaping spoonful of sour cream or even a bit of mayonnaise for a richer flavor. Stir the sour cream into the soup, creating a creamy borscht. You can also enjoy the borscht with a side of fresh green onions or even a clove of raw garlic. The garlic is dipped in a bit a of salt and enjoyed in small, little bits along with the soup!

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