triple chocolate scones with dark, milk and white chocolate

Triple Chocolate Scones (video)


The best scones recipe for breakfast! My buttery triple chocolate scones are made with three types of chocolate for the most chocolate flavor! I use dark, milk and white chocolate in this recipe to add the most flavor. These scones are buttery, delicate and uber chocolate-y!

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How to Make Scones

Scones are a unique type of pastry made primarily with butter and flour, plus different flavorings and toppings. They can be made both sweet and savory! For my triple chocolate scones, always start out with cold butter. The butter needs to be ‘cut’ into the flour/dry ingredients, until the mixture resembles fine crumbs. You can do this using a pastry cutter, food processor or two large forks. Once you have this mixture ready, add the wet ingredients. This scone recipe yields very buttery and rich scones!

Once you have the basic scone dough ready, add in the chocolate! I used three types of chocolate for this recipe: white, dark and milk chocolate. Gently fold in the chocolate and shape the scones; try not to overwork the dough. After baking, add even more chocolate flavor by drizzling melted chocolate over the scones!

chocolate scones recipe with drizzled chocolate
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Triple Chocolate Scones video recipe

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