strawberry mousse cake with sliced strawberries

Strawberry Mousse Cake


Calling all strawberry lovers! If you love strawberries as much as I do, you’ll love this show-stopping, stunning strawberry mousse cake! It’s the ultimate strawberry dessert! And check out that intricate strawberry topping! It looks so fancy and I’ll show you how to make it in my video recipe tutorial. If you’re looking for a light and airy cake to enjoy, give this one a try!

This cake is loaded with TONS strawberries, starting from the sponge cake base, a double dose in the strawberry mousse and more berries to finish off the top. I make this cake with a simple sponge cake base that’s dotted with diced fresh strawberries. You can also soak the sponge cake with crushed strawberries. Then, it’s the mousse layer. This strawberry mousse is simply heavenly! It melts in your mouth with soo much fruity flavor!

To take this strawberry mousse cake to extraordinary, I added the strawberry jello topping. The design is made with sliced strawberries, which not only look gorgeous but also add even more strawberry flavor! This is a great cake to make ahead of time, too. Just keep the cake in the springform pan until you’re ready to serve. This way, the jello and mousse keep their shape well.

Watch my video recipe for all the sweet details!


Every slice of  this delicate mousse cake is packed with strawberry flavor! It’s light, fluffy and fruity!

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A show stopping 'Strawberry Mousse Cake' for the strawberry lover! View Recipe Link

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