pumpkin maple eclairs

Pumpkin Maple Eclairs


These pumpkin eclairs will knock your socks off! I’ve been getting lots of requests for a fall-flavored eclair recipe and this is it! I make the pate a choux dough with cinnamon and nutmeg, then fill the eclairs with the creamiest, fluffiest pumpkin maple cream. To top it all off, these pumpkin eclairs are then dipped in a maple glaze! You’ll love the real flavors of pumpkin and maple combined together in an airy and fluffy dessert!

Watch my video recipe for all the sweet details! And head down to my ingredient list for the metric measurements. 

Eclairs are one of my favorite desserts to make. Once you master making pate a choux dough, the varieties are endless. These eclairs are especially flavorful and aromatic – capturing all those fall flavors that are so popular this time of year. Enjoy these treats with a cup of warm coffee in the morning, or after dinner for dessert. I recommend waiting a day before enjoying these eclairs. Just assemble them, place onto a tray and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate them overnight to allow the eclair shell to soften, which just makes these that much better!


The fluffy pumpkin maple cream in these eclairs is great not only for this recipe! Try it with other recipes, such as cakes, cheesecakes or cupcakes. When filling the eclairs, make sure to pipe them full so you get the filling with every bite!

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