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Classic Pumpkin Donuts 2-Ways (video)


The most amazing pumpkin donuts you’ll ever have! Soft, fluffy and so delicious – they’re one of my favorite pumpkin dessert recipes! These incredible donuts are made a load of real pumpkin puree, maple extract, cinnamon, nutmeg and then dipped in cinnamon sugar. But that’s not all! Use the same recipe to make filled donuts, with pumpkin whipped cream filling! The filled donuts are just out of this world! Get ready for the ultimate fall dessert and make a large batch of these because you won’t have just one!

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How To Make Donuts

Classic doughnuts or donuts (whichever name you like to use!) are made using a yeast dough. The dough is allowed to proof, then it’s rolled, cut and deep-fried. Like any good, classic donut recipe, these pumpkin donuts are made with a soft yeast dough. Getting the dough just right is the most important part! The dough needs to be very soft and slightly sticky, which allows it to expand and become super fluffy when deep fried. Preparing yeast dough does take a few hours but it’s well worth the wait!  This fall dessert recipe is perfect as a weekend baking project!

inside of classic pumpkin donut coated in sugar

To add true pumpkin flavor to these treats, I add a whole cup of pure pumpkin puree to the dough. Adding the pumpkin directly into the dough not only gives the best flavor but also makes the dough really soft. Adding both cinnamon and nutmeg to the dough also adds incredible fall flavor. I also like to add maple extract to the dough – it’s my secret ingredient and it makes these donuts SO GOOD! I get my extract on Amazon!

When deep-frying donuts, make sure the cooking oil is hot! It needs to reach 350F/177C. If the oil is not hot enough, the dough will become very greasy and take too long to fry. Once the donuts are fried, they’re dipped into cinnamon sugar for a tasty and sugary finish. Make sure to coat the donuts in the sugar as soon as you take them out of the oil! They need to be hot in order for the sugar to stick! I love to enjoy the donuts warm, with a cup of coffee! If you’re making filled donuts, make sure to cool them completely!

Making Filled Donuts

Filled donuts are so good, especially when they’re pumpkin donuts filled with pumpkin whipped cream! The filling by itself is to die for! You can literally eat it with a spoon as a dessert! For making the filled donuts, I use the exact same recipe but a different cutter. Use a simple, round cutter and prepare the recipe the same. Once the donuts are completely cooled, use a knife to cut small pockets into each donut from the side. Transfer the filling into a pastry bag and pipe each donut full of cream; it’s okay if it comes out the sides! Keep any leftover filled donuts refrigerated. This filling recipe yields enough filling for the entire doughnut batch. If you want to make half regular and half filled, reduce the filling recipe in half.

filled pumpkin donuts with pumpkin whipped cream filling


Need some supplies to make this recipe? You can get them here (Amazon affiliate links):

  • Classic Donut Cutter – a standard donut cutter that you can use again and again.
  • Round Donut Cutter – perfect for filled donuts; this cutter has a removable center piece.
  • Maple Extract – this extract adds so much incredible flavor to the recipe!
  • Candy Thermometer – use this thermometer to get the frying oil to the right temperature!

round pumpkin doughnuts, fall desssert

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Amazing Pumpkin Donuts 2 Ways (video)



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