maple pecan cake with caramelized sugar

Maple Pecan Cake With Salted Caramel Frosting


You need to have this maple pecan cake in your life right now! It has quickly become a fall favorite in our home! The richly flavored maple cake layers are dotted with crunchy pecans and the salted caramel frosting is the perfect finish to this cake! And that garnish! I topped the cake with caramelized sugar garnish to take the cake to another level!

I have a serious love for all things maple flavored. Maple syrup, maple cupcakes, maple pancakes, maple cakes. I especially love maple extract. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re in for a treat! I add this extract to just about every dessert in the fall. It adds so much great flavor without having to adjust the original recipe.

Watch my video recipe for the sugar garnish tutorial and for all the recipe details!

And check out the inside of this cake in the closeup! It’s dotted with loads of pecans and I love that garnish on top. It’s so unique and really captures your attention. Serve this at any dinner party and it’s bound to be a hit!

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And check out my new salted caramel frosting recipe! It’s perfect for cakes and cupcakes!


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