lavender cake recipe with purple Italian meringue buttercream

Peach Lavender Cake (video)


One of the more unique and delicious cake recipes on my website! This peach lavender cake is made with peach preserves, lavender buttercream and delicate lavender cake layers! I’m using my Italian meringue buttercream for frosting the cake! It’s a sweet and aromatic symphony of flavors in your mouth! This lavender and peach cake is definitely one to try if you’re looking for something different, unique and delicious!

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Baking with Lavender

Lavender desserts are simply delicious and easy to make! This lavender cake is flavored with lavender oil. VERY IMPORTANT: make sure to use food-grade, edible lavender oil! Most essential oils are not safe for food consumption! I like this Lorann Oils Lavender Oil (affiliate link) for baking. Add a few drops of lavender at a time! Lavender oil is typically super concentrated and will make your batter and frosting taste bitter if you add too much!

peach lavender cake with peach preserves and ombre frosting

Peach Lavender Cake

I created this cake recipe on a whim, exploring different flavor combination, which I love to do most! It was a total hit at family birthday party so I knew I had to share the recipe! This beautiful lavender cake starts with lavender-infused cake batter colored a pretty purple color to enhance the eating experience. If you want, you can trim away the browned top and edges before frosting.

Then, the layers are soaked with sweet, fruity peach preserves. And to make this cake even more interesting, I frosted the cake ombre-style! I used an Italian meringue buttercream for this recipe but any type of buttercream will work well. This particular recipe is especially great for frosting cakes since it holds its shape so well! If you’ve never tried this type of frosting, I highly recommend giving it a go! If you want to go with a standard buttercream, just add the flavor and color at the end!

lavender peach cake with lavender buttercream

Italian Meringue Buttercream

To frost this decadent lavender and peach cake, I used a lavender-infused version of my Italian Meringue Buttercream. I have a new, in-depth tutorial for this frosting. It’s made with egg whites, sugar syrup and butter. The hot sugar syrup cooks the egg whites, resulting in a smooth and stiff peak meringue. Add the butter slowly to incorporate it completely. And for the fun ombre frosting, separate the buttercream between different bowls and then add the food coloring. You’ll love this lavender buttercream with the lavender cake layers!

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Peach Lavender Cake video recipe


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