kale chicken soup with quinoa

Kale and Quinoa Chicken Soup


Nothing beats a comforting bowl of warm chicken soup when you’re feeling under the weather, when it’s cold outside, or when you just want a bit of comforting food. My kale and quinoa chicken soup hits the sweet spot and will satisfy all your comfort food cravings. Plus, this version with nutritious kale and wholesome quinoa will boost your immune system and get you feeling great in no time!

If you’re tired of regular chicken soup, this recipe is not it! I love the combination of the kale, quinoa and chicken. Plus, I load this soup up with tons of herbs like fresh dill, thyme and dried basil. This soup is incredibly aromatic and I promise you, you’ll want to eat more than one bowl of it! I love to enjoy this soup with a little bit of toasted bread on the side and even a bit of sour cream as a spread or I just add it directly into the soup. The sour cream is a very Russian thing to do!

I have to give full credit to my incredible mother for this delicious recipe. Whenever I come over to visit my family, I always request that she make this soup. Even though I have the recipe and make it at home often, her’s always tastes the best! Something about a mother’s touch!

Watch my video recipe for all the details!

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