the best chicken noodle soup with parsley and carrots; made with bone-in chicken

The Best Chicken Noodle Soup (video)


Nothing beats this hearty and warming chicken noodle soup on a cold winter night! But really, you can enjoy this incredible soup recipe any time of the year! I make my chicken broth using a whole, bone-in chicken which adds incredible flavor and aroma to the soup! The broth is made with onion, celery, carrots and my favorite herb de provence blend which has rosemary, thyme, basil and even lavender! Enjoy this warming soup with a bit of rustic baguette on the side!

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How to Make Chicken Noodle Soup

This warming soup recipe starts off with an excellent broth. I personally love the richness and depth that bone broth has and this soup is no exception! I usually purchase a small fryer chicken and break it down into pieces: 2 chicken breasts, 2 chicken thighs, 2 drumsticks, 2 wings and the carcass. Check out this helpful video from America Test Kitchens to see how it’s done! Because chicken breast tends to be on the dry side, I prefer to save the chicken breast for a different recipe.

Prepare a simple base for the broth using aromatics such as celery, onion and carrots. If you prefer, you can also add a few minced garlic cloves. I like to sweat the aromatics with butter for even more flavor. Once they’re tender, I add in a bit of white wine. The white wine gives the soup recipe a bit of acidity and balances out the flavors. If you prefer to cook without wine, just squeeze in a bit of fresh lemon juice at the end of the recipe! Next, I add in water and pre-made chicken broth. I add the broth for a more intense chicken soup flavor. If you prefer, you can use just water instead!

hearty and warming chicken soup recipe with noodles and carrots

Cooking the Chicken

For maximum flavor, I recommend simmering the bone-in chicken for at least 1 hour. If you’re short on time, 30 minutes is the least amount of time you’ll need. The longer the meat and bones cook, the more aromatic the chicken noodle soup will be! Once the broth is ready, use kitchen tongs to remove the chicken from the broth and into a large bowl. Carefully pull away the meat from the bones using kitchen tongs or forks. The meat will be VERY HOT so take extra care not to burn your fingers! I discard any skin, bones and ligaments, keeping just the meat. Return the meat to the broth, add the noodles and cook just until the noodles are done. Season the chicken soup with fresh parsley before serving!

winter soup recipe - chicken noodle soup with bone-in chicken

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