grilled swordfish with salsa

Grilled Garlic Swordfish with Cilantro-Mango Dressing


I present to you one of the most incredible seafood dishes ever; the flavor combination here is simply mind-blowing! I’ve made this grilled swordfish dish so many times, I’ve lost count and it never gets old! This grilled swordfish is glazed with a garlic soy marinade that’s sweet and savory at the same time. The fish is then topped with a home-made avocado mango salsa dressing. I use this salsa recipe for EVERYTHING – tacos, salmon, even chicken! It’s the bomb! If you’re looking for a new, fresh twist on seafood, this recipe is it! Also, try it with salmon if you don’t have swordfish available. It will be equally delicious!

The inspiration behind this dish comes from our annual trips down to Mexico for our anniversary celebration. There’s something about fresh seafood and avocado salsa that hits the sweet spot every time. Just imagine eating this with a warm Mexican breeze and the sound of waves crashing onto sandy shores. Perfection!

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I made a similar dish for American Express with salmon! You can watch the video recipe here:

And, I use the same avocado salsa for my famous fish tacos! These are like tacos on flavor steroids! A must try!


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