Classic Tiramisu Recipe (video)

Creamy, fluffy, aromatic and delicious! If you love the classic tiramisu recipe, you’ll love these dessert cups! My tiramisu is made with a creamy vanilla custard filling, combined with sponge cake soaked with coffee and Kahlua. These individual tiramisu parfaits are easy to make and perfect for any special occasion! You can also make this recipe in a casserole dish, like traditional tiramisu! I made this dessert for my sister’s wedding last year and I still get asked for the recipe! They were the biggest hit at the wedding reception!

Watch My Video Recipe!

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How To Make Tiramisu Filling

The creamy custard filling in tiramisu is the most important part of the dessert! It’s all about making a creamy, smooth and sweet custard that complements the coffee-soaked cookies or cake. I make my tiramisu filling with a made-from-scratch custard, a bit of cream cheese and whipped cream. This filling is super easy to make but it can break if the instructions are not followed. Here are a few tips for making the filling:

  • Cook the custard over medium-low heat, stirring constantly. High heat will cause the cornstarch to break apart, causing the custard to separate. If this does happen, remove the custard from the heat and add the cornstarch slurry again.
  • Allow the custard to cool completely before combining with the whipped cream. The custard can be prepared even a few days ahead of time and kept refrigerated.
  • Whisk the chilled heavy cream first, then add the cooled custard. Mix just until combined, about 30 seconds. DO NOT overmix the filling.

Parfaits or Casserole

This incredible classic tiramisu recipe can be prepared in parfait glasses or the more traditional way in a casserole dish. For parties and special events, I recommend making the parfait cups. They are so elegant and the individual servings means guests can help themselves to dessert. For family settings, preparing the tiramisu in a large casserole dish or trifle bowl is a great idea. Just include a large spoon for serving!

Sponge Cake or Lady Fingers?

For these individual tiramisu parfaits, I decided to go with a classic sponge cake instead of using lady fingers. I have a hard time finding lady fingers sometimes and using sponge cake has actually turned out to be a better tasting option, too! I prepare the sponge cake in a jelly roll pan, then cut the cake into smaller squares – super easy and the cake is much fluffier and softer than cookies.

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