chocolate pistachio cake with chocolate ganache and pistachio buttercream

Chocolate Pistachio Cake (video)


Isn’t this chocolate pistachio cake simply STUNNING?! I love everything about this gorgeous cake! It’s made with a heavenly combination of my moist chocolate cake recipe, paired with a rich pistachio buttercream made with pistachios, butter, Irish cream and cream cheese. This unique and delicious chocolate cake was inspired by one of my favorite chocolate truffles.  And the pistachio frosting is one of my all-time favorite – I can eat it by the spoonful!

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The Chocolate Cake!

This unique pistachio cake recipe has been a huge hit on my blog and for good reason – it’s soo good! You’ll love every bite of this chocolate and nut cake.The chocolate cake layers I use for this cake are moist and rich in flavor. I’ve used the same versatile recipe for many recipes. For more about the chocolate cake, check out my ‘Back to Cake Basics’ episode – ‘The Perfect Chocolate Cake’. It’s a recipe that you’ll use over and over again. The chocolate cake layers are also soaked with sweet and creamy Irish cream to give the cake even more flavor!

pistachio cake with chocolate ganache and pistachio frosting

The Pistachio Buttercream

As I mentioned above, this pistachio buttercream with Irish cream is amazing! It’s creamy, nutty and packed with incredible flavor. I even use a similar recipe as a filling for my ‘Pistachio Profiterols’. I got the inspiration for this cake from one of my favorite chocolate truffles – a delicious chocolate candy that’s filled with a pistachio creme filling that tastes almost identical to this recipe! Try this pistachio buttercream with other cake recipes, like my ‘Easy Vanilla Cake’!

inside of chocolat pistachio cake with pistachio filling

The Chocolate Ganache

And to make this cake even more special, I coated it with chocolate ganache and garnished it with my favorite pistachio truffles! You can never go wrong with garnishing a cake with chocolate. Plus, it’s super easy to make! Check out my ‘Chocolate Ganache’ video tutorial for a more in-depth tutorial. I purchase these pistachio truffles from a local Russian supermarket. I have yet to find them online anywhere, but I will add a link if they become available! Godiva also sells a similar truffle.

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Chocolate Pistachio Cake video recipe

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