chocolate pavlova with berries

Chocolate Pavlova Cake With Berries


This chocolate pavlova cake is simply stunning! I just can’t stop looking at this beautiful meringue creation! Imagine having this dessert on your table for the holiday season! And you can with this easier-than-it-looks cake! I start with crunchy chocolate meringue layers, top each layer with melted chocolate, loads of berries and the fluffiest, richest chocolate whipped cream! Every crunchy, creamy and fruity bite of this cake is so rich and delicious. This cake is royalty-worthy!

Watch my video recipe for all the details and step-by-step instructions!

When making the chocolate pavlova cake at home, you can prepare the meringue layers and the whipped cream ahead of time, even a few days in advance. Once the meringue layers have cooled, just let them cool completely, then place them into an airtight container or wrap well in plastic. Assemble the cake about an hour before serving for best results. This way, your meringue will stay crunchy and the fruit will be fresh! To cut the cake, use a sharp serrated knife and take the cake apart, cutting one layer at a time. Serve with extra berries and fruit on the side.

Have you ever attempted to make meringue and it wouldn’t hold its shape at all! I’ve had this happen a few times and it can be so frustrating! The key to getting stiff and glossy peaks is using a super squeaky clean mixing bowl and whisk. Even the tiniest amount of grease or oil residue will cause the egg whites to go flat. Use a degreasing soap or white vinegar to rinse the bowl before using.


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