pavlova cake with fruit

Boccone Dolce


I bet you’ve never had such a delightful dessert as this boccone dolce! It’s the Italian version of the classic pavlova, made with stacked layers of crispy meringue, berries and fruit. This pavlova cake simply show-stopping! Light, fruity, chocolate-y and in one word – simply heavenly! This cake is definitely worth your time spent in the kitchen!

I recommend making the meringue the evening before and let it set and cool overnight. You can even prepare the meringue layers a few days in advance, just keep them stored in an airtight container. I use a simple whipped cream filling for this cake since the real star of the cake is the crunchy meringue. I also like to add just a touch of chocolate drizzle to each layer for a bit of chocolate flavor. Since the layers are a bit sweet, I load the cake up with lots of berries and fruit to help balance out the flavors. I love to use just about every kind of berry; feel free to add your favorites!

Make sure to wait and assemble the cake right before serving to keep the layers crispy! You can assemble up to an hour before serving for best results.

Watch my video recipe for step-by-step instructions! 

Garnish the cake with more berries and fruit!

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