Berry Peach Crumble

Berry Peach Crumble

The simple and delicious berry peach crumble, one of my all-time favorite summer desserts! I love this crumble recipe with chunks of farm-fresh peaches and wild, hand-picked huckleberries! This dessert recipe comes together in no time and will fill your home with the most incredible aroma of berries! I love to serve this berry crumble warm out of the oven with a heaping scoop of whipped cream! If you’re making this during the summer months, make it ‘a la mode’ with a scoop of vanilla or berry ice cream.

Watch my video recipe for all the sweet details! 

In my video recipe, I used wild huckleberries – these tart little berries are like wild blueberries. Every year in the summer, my parents travel to the mountains to pick these delicious berries. They’re very high in antioxidants and perfect for this berry crumble! My mom makes the most amazing huckleberry jam that tastes so good on toast! I was able to bring a large bin of these berries through the airport and back home to California. In place of the huckleberries, I recommend using blueberry. And, feel free to add other fruit such as raspberries, blackberry and nectarines.

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