Strawberry Champagne Cake (video)

Strawberry Champagne Cake (video)


An iconic marriage made in heaven: strawberries and champagne! This stunning and delicate strawberry champagne cake recipe has definitely captured my heart and I’m sure it will capture yours, too! This incredible cake is made with moist and delicate champagne-flavored cake layers and frosted with a sweet and tangy strawberry buttercream! Garnish this stunning strawberry cake with chocolate covered strawberries and you have a show-stopper fit for any special occasion.

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The Champagne Cake Layers

To get the most champagne flavor into my cake layers, I used a combination of sparkling wine and champagne extract (affiliate link). The extract is absolutely delicious and it really ups the flavor of the cake layers. I like to add some actual champagne into the cake layers, too! If you prefer to make a non-alcoholic version of this cake, just use some non-sweetened grape juice, or reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe.

slice of strawberry champagne cake with chocolate covered strawberry

The Strawberry Buttercream

The strawberry buttercream recipe is killer good, too! You’ll want to eat this frosting by the spoonful! I added a little bit of citric acid to make the buttercream a bit sour and tangy, which helps balance out the sweetness. A little tip for making berry buttercream: make sure to add the fruit puree very last, after you get your frosting to the consistency you want it to be. Mix the fruit in for about 30 seconds, no longer; otherwise, the frosting can separate.

inside slice of strawberry champagne cake with strawberry buttercream

Chocolate Strawberries

I love garnishing this champagne cake with chocolate covered strawberries! They’re super easy to make at home and I have a separate video for my chocolate covered strawberries here:

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Strawberry Champagne Cake video recipe


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