honey cake with cherries and cream

Easy Honey Cherry Cake Recipe (video)


Looking for a super easy and delicious cake recipe? Look no further than this simple and elegant honey cherry cake is made with loads of fresh cherries, a kirsch-flavored whipped cream and honey! It’s the perfect summer cake and a great way to use up some of those summer cherries! And, if you’re making this cake in the off-season, canned cherries will work great, too.

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What I love about this cherry cake is that it isn’t too sweet – the cake itself is made only with honey as a natural sweetener and the whipped cream has just a touch of sugar. If you’re not a fan of super sweet cakes, this cake is for you! Once the cherries are baked, they become like little pots of sweet jam baked right into the cake. It’s also very moist and tender but not heavy. You’ll love the way the cake just disappears in your mouth and I guarantee you, you’ll be coming back for seconds!

honey cherry cake slice with whipped cream frosting

Every bite of this cherry cake is tender, moist and packed with cherry flavor! I wanted to top the cake with a simple frosting and used whipped cream. If you love whipped cream with your cakes, make a large batch to have some extra on the side (I always do!) The whipped cream adds a light and airy component to the cake recipe that just can’t be missed!

cherry cake recipe with fresh cherries and whipped cream

honey cherry cake slice

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Easy Honey Cherry Cake Recipe with video

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