crab cakes with parsley leaves

World’s Best Crab Cakes


Whenever I go out to a recommended seafood establishment, I always order their crab. It’s my way of testing out their menu – if the crab cakes are good, then everything else will be fantastic! I like to call these ‘World’s Best’ crab cakes because this is the only recipe you’ll ever need! These crab cakes are packed with soo much incredible seafood flavor! They’re also ridiculously easy to make! This is a great appetizer for a special dinner occasion for the seafood lover!

I always make mine with real crab (fresh if I can get it!) and add just the right amount of ingredients, letting the crab shine! Any good crab cake recipe needs to let the crab meat have its shining moment, allowing all the other flavors to play up and bring out the best of the sweet and briny crab meat. My favorite ingredient in this recipe (besides the crab, obviously!) is the avocado. It adds a certain creaminess to this dish and helps bring all the other ingredients together. Try serving these with a cocktail sauce, dijon dipping sauce or a seafood dipping sauce of your choice.

Don’t let the long ingredient list intimidate you – they’re easy to put together!

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