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Christmas Orange Cranberry Cake (video)

I love making and eating cranberry desserts during the holiday season! Something about that sour and sweet flavor of cranberry has always captured my tastebuds. This festive holiday orange cranberry cake with white chocolate cake and ombre frosting is no exception! It’s the perfect Christmas cake to serve for any holiday gathering and the show-stopping ombre will have your guests ‘oohing’ and ‘awwing’!

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I start this orange cranberry cake with white chocolate cake layers, flavored with bits of orange zest. Adding a bit of melted white chocolate directly into the cake batter makes the cake layers unbelievably moist and tender. For the filling, I make some home-made cranberry sauce. But it’s not just any sauce! I make an orange raspberry cranberry sauce! It’s actually the same sauce I serve with my oven-roasted turkey. It’s so easy to make and I love the combination of raspberry and cranberry!

For the frosting, I use a super fluffy and delicious white chocolate whipped cream with more orange zest! This frosting is so airy, you’ll want to eat it by the spoonful! It’s not too sweet and I love the addition of the orange zest! Just divide the frosting and add a bit of red food coloring to one half to create the ombre effect. I garnished the top with red sprinkles, edible pearls and frosting dollops. This orange cranberry cake is sure to be unforgettable!

My recipe for the cranberry sauce makes a large portion. I like to serve extra sauce on the side when serving, for even more cranberry flavor!

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Ombre Orange Cranberry Cake with video recipe

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