rose water cake with rose buttercream and red roses; Valentine's Day cake

Rose Cake (video)


This stunning and elegant rose cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day or your next special occasion! My uniquely flavored rose water cake is made with rose-water cake layers, rose buttercream, rose water syrup and rose marmalade filling on the inside. I garnish the cake with real red roses to make it extra special! The flavor is pleasantly floral and not overwhelming! This special pink cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day, girl baby showers, anniversaries and birthday parties!

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Are Roses Edible?

Did you know that all roses petals are edible?! All varieties are edible, with the larger and darker roses having a more pronounced flavor. You can use rose petals for jams, desserts, salads, spreads and even freeze them in ice cubes for your water or drinks. When using roses, just make sure to remove the white tips from the petals, which tend to be bitter. If you plan to use roses in cooking, I recommend sourcing organically grown roses, or use home-grown flowers that are grown without fertilizer or pesticides.

elegant rose cake with rose buttercream and rose marmalade and red roses

How to Make a Rose Cake

Everything about this cake is rose flavored, starting with the cake and buttercream. I use a simple cake batter and buttercream, then flavor both with a rosewater extract. Rosewater has a very light and unique floral aroma and flavor, making it an excellent choice for desserts! I use this rosewater extract from Nielsen-Massey (affiliate link). It’s not overwhelming but if you’ve never tried it, try adding a few drops to a glass of water to get a feeling for the taste and strength of the extract. I went with a simple cake and buttercream recipe because I wanted the flavor to really shine through on this one! Garnish the cake with fresh, real roses – both big and small roses will look great! If you plan on keeping the cake refrigerated for a day or two, I recommend wrapping the ends of the rose stems.

Rose Marmalade Filling

To complement the delicate cake and buttercream, I add a rose marmalade or jam between the layers. Here is the jam I used in the video recipe – French Rose Petal Jam (affiliate link). If you don’t want to order from Amazon, try searching at a local speciality store that may carry specific items like it. I use 1/3 cup between each layer but feel free to add more if desired!

slice of rose cake with red roses on top

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Rose Cake video recipe - Valentine's Day Cake

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