pistachio carrot cake with caramel

Pistachio Carrot Cake Recipe (video)


Carrot cake, in my opinion, is one of the best fall desserts.  It’s up there right along with pumpkin spice desserts and apple pie for me! I present to you today my family’s carrot cake recipe: a delicate and moist carrot cake with salted pistachios, topped with cream cheese frosting! The moist cake layers are moist and filled with shredded carrot, yet delicate and light. This easy recipe is sure to become your favorite! You can adjust the cake to your liking by making into a 3 or even 4 layer cake and add your favorite chopped nuts.

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I love this closeup shot of this carrot cake – you can actually SEE the carrot in the cake! And the pistachios! The diced pistachios add so much great flavor and crunchiness to the cake, too! And the cake layers are filled and frosted with a simple cream cheese frosting! To decorate the top of the cake, I add a  caramel drip and more diced pistachios on top!

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