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Mango Raspberry Vegan Jello Cups (video)


The perfect party recipe! My raspberry vegan jello cups are fruity and loaded with REAL fruit flavor! These reduced sugar, mango jello cups are made with real fruit juice, agar gelatin, chunks of mango and raspberries. If you’ve never worked with agar gelatin, it’s super easy to use. It also sets much stronger and faster than conventional gelatin. Check out my product links below to order some agar gelatin!

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Agar Gelatin – The Vegan Alternative

One of the most frequently asked questions on my channel: what can I replace conventional gelatin with? The answer is agar gelatin! It’s a plant-based gelatin made of seaweed, most prominently used in Asia where seaweed is a major food group. This vegan gelatin option works well in just about any recipe that calls for gelatin!

  • The other main difference between regular gelatin and agar is that agar sets at a much higher temperature. This means the jello can actually set at room temperature and stay firm. I always use agar gelatin for Russian marshmallow, aka ‘zephyr’.

This recipe for vegan jello cups is the perfect use of agar! These raspberry jello cups are packed with amazing flavor, reduced amount of sugar and they set very quickly.

mango peach jello parfaits
Real Fruit Flavor!

To add real fruit flavor, I used raspberry sauce and mango-peach juice for my video recipe. Feel free to change up the flavors by using concentrated fruit juices or purees! Want your jello cups to be sweeter? Just add more sugar to the agar syrup while it’s cooking. I recommend using about 1/2 cup white granulated sugar and cook the syrup the same way.

Add sliced fruit and berries to the jello before it starts to set for extra garnish! What I love about agar gelatin is that it sets super fast! These will be set and ready to enjoy in no time!

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Raspberry Peach Vegan Jello Cups with agar gelatin

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I always purchase this agar gelatin from Amazon – it works so well for this recipe!
If you’re making this dessert for a party, use these disposable parfait cups for easy cleanup!


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