tomato mozzarella bruschetta

Easy Tomato Bruschetta with Mozzarella


Classic and easy tomato bruschetta – this simple and refreshing appetizer pairs perfectly with some toasted French baguette and a glass of wine. I can enjoy a whole recipe of this bruschetta by myself! It’s so easy to enjoy, as an appetizer or as an afternoon snack before dinner. It’s also great as a starter for an Italian meal, such as pasta or pizza, but I enjoy it with just about anything. Make sure to toast up so extra baguette so you don’t run out!

I make my tomato bruschetta with sweet heirloom tomatoes. Some stores only carry them in the summer months and they are worth getting. The sweet flavor and meaty texture of heirloom tomatoes is unbeatable and a good tomato really makes a great bruschetta! The diced tomatoes are then combined with creamy mozzarella, briny capers, and loads of fresh basil. I love to add a lot of basil to my recipe because it’s really refreshing and tasty. All that goodness is dressed with olive oil and bit of balsamic and ready to be enjoyed!

For all the recipe details, watch my video recipe!

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