chocolate snickers cake with caramel and peanut filling

Chocolate Snickers Cake (video)


Love the chocolatey goodness of the Snickers candy bar? I’ve got just the recipe for you! My chocolate Snickers cake is packed, stacked and all that with chocolate, nuts, caramel and marshmallow filling! Every bite of this rich and candy-bar flavored cake is like a bit of heaven in your mouth! This fun and delicious cake is perfect for any occasion, and especially for birthday parties!

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How to Make a Snickers Cake

I start this cake with a rich chocolate cake batter, which yields a super moist and delicate chocolate cake layers. You’ll love the rich flavor of the chocolate cake combined with the filling! Traditional snickers candies are filled with nougat, but I went with an easier method and use marshmallow cream for this cake. You can pick it up at the grocery store, which makes this cake that much easier.

My favorite part of the candy is the crunchy peanut and caramel filling, which this cake is loaded with! I just combine a ton of caramel sauce with peanuts and add them straight into the cake! Even the chocolate frosting has a bit of caramel! I add some dulce de leche, or cooked sweetened condensed milk into the frosting for a rich chocolate and caramel flavor. Then, just top the cake off with more frosting and few bits of snickers candy bar for the finishing touch!

inside of chocolate cake with snickers filling and chocolate buttercream

Caramel Sauce Filling

If you want to make your own caramel sauce for the filling and frosting, I have a great home-made caramel sauce recipe that you’ll love! It’s super easy to make and you can use it for baking, coffee drinks or as caramel dipping sauce. Check out my caramel sauce recipe here:

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Snickers Chocolate Cake video recipe

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