Russian herring and potato salad

Shuba – Layered Herring Salad


Shuba – literally translates to ‘herring under fur’. This uniquely named Russian salad is made with cooked root vegetables such as beets, carrots and potatoes dressed with mayonnaise. Diced eggs are also added and of course, the main ingredient: herring! I recommend using herring pickled in oil with onion and dill, not in white cream vinegar. You can find this variety at any Russian supermarket.

Shuba salad is traditionally molded onto a pretty serving tray or into a pan, then inverted. Garnish the salad with egg, dill and/or parsley.

If you have never tasted shuba salad, just prepare for your taste buds for a flavor shock. I love this salad but it’s an acquired taste for sure!

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