medovil honey cake with berries

Honey Cake with Custard Creme – Торт “Медовик”


The famous “Медовик” cake, aka the honey cake. This sweet creation is made with 8 wafer-thin honey cake layers and filled with a creamy custard creme! Every Slavic person knows what a special treat this cake is! This delicious cake is enjoyed with tea after dinner in homes across Ukraine and Russia! Since this cake is labor-intensive to make, it’s typically reserved for special occasions such as birthdays, or for the holidays around Christmas and New Years.

My simplified video recipe will help guide you through all the steps so you can make this cake at home!

This honey cake is made with a honey-infused cooked dough. If you’ve never made a cake with cooked dough before, don’t worry! It’s really easy. Once you have the dough ready, just let it cool down until it’s cooled enough to handle. There are a few different methods of shaping the layers. You can roll out each portion of dough out over parchment paper, then cut out a circle using a pan. You can bake the layer along with the scraps, then use those scraps to crumb-coat the cake. I like to simply press the dough into the bottom of the pan. I find this method produces nice and round layers.

The custard creme recipe I’m sharing with you was passed down to me from my mother, who has been making this cake and creme for years and years. The simple flavor of the custard go perfectly with the honey layers. The important part of this recipe is letting the cake mature in the refrigerator. Once you assemble the cake, let it set in the fridge for at least 24 hours. This will allow the layers to become soft and delicate. The wait will be worth it! For the finishing touches, I added some reserved custard on the top, along with berries and some cute waffle cookies.

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