lamb kabobs with pepper and shallots

Easy Lamb Kabobs Recipe


Looking to grill up some meat that’s not beef, chicken or seafood? Have you tried grilling lamb before? It’s absolutely delicious and it requires minimal preparation! I often hear from people they just don’t know if they’ll like the flavor of lamb, but it all depends on the cut of meat you use. This easy recipe for lamb kabobs uses lamb shoulder, which is the ideal cut for grilling.

I like to cut the meat into larger chunks; the larger pieces will stay more juicy and there’s less risk of over cooking, which results in dry meat. The tender, juicy cuts of lamb leg are marinated in garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs! If you have time, get the meat marinating the night before; the longer the meat can marinate, the better! I also like to add a bit of bell pepper and onion to the kabobs for flavor and variety. Feel free to add your favorite grilling veggies to the mix!

These lamb kabobs would not be complete without a dipping a sauce. My easy chimichurri sauce is the bomb! You’ll want this sauce with everything once you try it! It’s super refreshing, zesty, spicy and the perfect dip and sauce for lamb. Since lamb meat can be a bit heavy, I also serve the kabobs with a simple side salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, dill, green onions and olive oil. Just writing this recipe post is already making me hungry!

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These kabobs go great with a side of my ‘Kale Pomegranate Salad’, too! Get the recipe:


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