asian chicken salad with sesame chicken and mandarin wedges

Easy Asian Salad with Chicken (video)


The most delicious and EASY Asian chicken salad recipe! This salad is topped with juicy and flavorful sesame chicken and tons of mandarin slices!  It’s also full of crunchy ingredients like Romaine lettuce, red cabbage and crispy chow mein noodles! If you love to order this salad in Chinese restaurants, you’re going to love this bright and refreshing version!

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Easy Asian Chicken Salad

Everything about this easy chicken salad is delicious! For the salad base, I love to create a combination of flavors and textures. I add some romaine lettuce, finely chopped red cabbage, shredded carrots and even a bit of cilantro to add a refreshing twist. This blend of cabbage and lettuce creates the perfect salad base!

  • Sesame Seed Chicken: Next up, the sesame chicken! The chicken preparation is super easy! I make a homemade teriyaki and sesame seed glaze, which is perfect for this salad. Just brown the chicken, then pour over the sauce and let it simmer away. The chicken is so juicy and flavorful once cooked! Plus, there’s extra sauce left over to use as a dressing!

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  • All the Toppings: And no Asian chicken salad would be complete without a healthy helping of mandarins! I love to load up my salad with these sweet citrus segments; they add so much flavor to the salad! And to add some crunch, a few crunchy noodles and nuts to add the finishing touch. I love that this salad is so easy to make and it tastes incredible! Nothing like enjoying restaurant classics from the comfort of home!

sesame chicken over asian salad with red cabbage and mandarin wedges

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Asian Chicken Salad video recipe

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