coffee caramel macarons

Coffee Macarons with Caramel Filling


Coffee and salted caramel have come together for the best kind of dessert! These coffee macaron cookies are simply heavenly! My macarons start with a coffee-flavored macaron shell, sprinkled with more coffee and filled with the most delicious salted caramel frosting. This is my all-time favorite macaron recipe! Whenever I make these, they’re gone so quickly; also because my husband LOVES them, too! He doesn’t eat sweets very often but he’ll usually have at least 3 to 4 in one sitting!

Making macarons can seem intimidating to make at home, but with my step-by-step tutorial, I’ll walk you through all the steps so you can make them, too! It takes just a little bit of practice. I failed the first three to four times I made macarons, so don’t get discouraged if your first batch fails. And if you succeed, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy them all – you’re a true baker!

Macarons are easier to make than you think, just watch my step-by-step video! 

I LOVE this closeup shot that shows the caramel filling! Enjoyed this recipe? Please share and save it to Pinterest!

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