chocolate covered mocha spoons

Chocolate Covered Coffee Spoons (video)

I bet you’ve seen these beautiful chocolate spoons at stores during the holiday season! Do you know they’re actually super easy to make at home and you can customize them any way you like?! These beautiful and unique chocolate covered spoons are made with instant coffee – just place one into a large mug of hot milk and stir, then enjoy! You can also make these without the coffee for a caffeine-free drink. And for a minty twist, try adding a few drops of peppermint oil into the chocolate for mint mocha!

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For this project, I went to a local thrift store and picked up a variety of vintage-looking spoons. I think they turned out great!  You can also use disposable plastic spoons. I love to decorate each spoon with a different design! Try alternating the spoons with white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate. I also added some sprinkles; feel free to use any color! And, for a bit of toffee flavor, I also added some toffee chips. Just keep in mind those will take a bit longer to melt!

These chocolate spoons are the perfect gift to give to your family and friends during the holiday season! Just wrap them into goodie bags and add a bit of ribbon! Most craft stores will sell little plastic goodie bags, which are perfect for these spoons.

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