italian chicken with creamy prosciutto pasta

Creamy Chicken & Prosciutto Pasta


The most delicious and aromatic Italian chicken pasta recipe! My creamy chicken and prosciutto pasta is made with a creamy white wine sauce, bits of salty prosciutto, sweet peas, parmesan cheese and the best chicken! The chicken is marinated in white wine and herbs – so juicy and delicious! Top the dish with more prosciutto for the best flavor! This chicken pasta recipe is inspired by  one of my favorite cafes in San Francisco: “Roxanne Cafe” at Union Square. It’s a simple, no-fuss corner restaurant that always has delicious pasta!

The Juicy Italian Chicken

This prosciutto pasta is topped with simple and delicious, juicy chicken breast! Chicken breast can be dry and flavorless but not with this recipe! I marinate the chicken in olive oil and white wine, plus garlic and dried Italian herbs. The rest – juicy and aromatic chicken that’s easy to make! Fry the chicken on both sides, then finish cooking in the remaining marinade. The marinade will cook down as it simmers away and serve as an additional sauce for the chicken!

creamy chicken pasta with italian chicken breast

Creamy Prosciutto Sauce

You’ll love the creamy sauce I use for this creamy chicken pasta! It starts off with onion, garlic, Italian herbs and white wine! Allow the white wine to cook down to get the most flavor without any strong alcohol flavor. Next, add in the flour. I always prefer to make my cream sauces with a roux – equal parts butter and flour. The roux helps thicken the sauce without having to use heavy cream. Gradually add in the milk and chicken broth.

Once you have the base sauce ready, it’s time to add  the fillings! I add bits of salty prosciutto, grated parmesan cheese, sweet peas and green onions. Save some of the chopped prosciutto for the top and have some extra parmesan cheese, too!

creamy prosciutto pasta with sun-dried tomatoes

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Creamy Prosciutto Chicken Pasta recipe


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