cheese and pepper frittata with smoked salmon, avocado, dill and goat cheese

Cheese & Pepper Frittata (video) with Smoked Salmon


Looking for an easy, savory breakfast recipe? You have to try this amazing frittata recipe! My goat cheese and pepper frittata is filled, topped and seasoned with the most incredible flavors! The egg frittata is filled with sweet bell peppers, seasoned with dill and smoked paprika, topped with goat cheese, smoked salmon and avocado! This is my go-to recipe for brunch events! The combination of flavors in this frittata recipe is out of this world! This simple recipe is sure to be a hit for the weekend or any day of the week.

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What is a Frittata? 

This incredible breakfast recipe is actually a classic Italian dish! It’s the Italian equivalent of an egg omelette, crustless quiche or scrambled eggs. It’s prepared in a frying pan and depending on the size, can be finished in the oven, like this recipe. Frittatas come in many different flavors and are typically topped or filled with some sort of meat or cheese. This version with smoked salmon is so delicious!

How to Make Frittata

My recipe for frittata is so easy and is made all in one pan! This easy cheese and pepper frittata recipe starts with the eggs! In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, salt, pepper and dried basil. If you want an extra rich recipe, try replacing half the milk with cream. Set the eggs aside as you prepare the fillings.

  • Step 1: prepare the eggs! Whisk the eggs with the milk and season to taste.
  • Step 2: prepare the fillings. Saute the peppers, onion and tomatoes in the medium-sized frying pan or cast-iron skillet. Make sure to use a non-stick pan, otherwise the frittata will stick to the pan!
  • Step 3: add the eggs to the pan and cook them slowly! This egg dish needs to be cooked over low heat, so the eggs stay fluffy.
  • Step 4: add the toppings! Before finishing the frittata in the oven, top it off with smoked paprika, fresh dill and goat cheese.
  • Step 5: finish cooking the frittata in the oven. Bake the eggs until they’re fluffy and the cheese has softened.
  • Step 6: top each slice of pepper frittata with smoked salmon, sliced avocado and fresh dill.

pepper and cheese frittata with avocado and smoked salmon

Flavor Variations

If you loved this cheese and pepper frittata, you’re going to enjoy it with other toppings, too! This recipe is so versatile and you can add your own twists and flavors! You can also increase the eggs and milk for a large batch!

Try some of these flavor ideas next time!

  • Bacon & Cheddar Frittata – render 4 to 5 bacon slices and cook the eggs in the bacon fat! Add bacon bits and grated cheddar cheese to the mix!
  • Sausage & Cheese Frittata – try this recipe with juicy breakfast sausage! Just prepare the sausage in a frying pan, slice it into bite sized pieces and combine with cheddar cheese!
  • Veggie Frittata – make a veggie version by sauteing mushrooms, peppers, onions and tomatoes.
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Cheese & Pepper Frittata video recipe


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