blueberry cake slice with whipped cream

Blueberry Pie Cake


Mmm, one of my all-time favorite pies ever – blueberry pie with oatmeal crumble on top! The warming aroma of blueberry, cinnamon and brown sugar baking in the oven is unbeatable. It’s the inspiration behind this incredible cake – my blueberry pie cake! This cake has all those delicious flavors that I love about pie, in cake form, with blueberry whipped cream on top! Yep, you read that right – I add blueberry even to the whipped cream!

My husband and I recently visited Applehill – it’s a charming little region outside of Sacramento that has the most adorable little pumpkin patches, fruit stands and of course, pie stands. We made it out on a Sunday and waited in line for 30 minutes (with some grumbling from the hubs!) and got a few slices of apple pie and their blueberry sour cream pie with crumble topping. After just one bite, I knew I had to share a similar recipe that captured all those amazing flavors!

This cake is made with Greek yogurt and vegetable oil, making the crumb uber delicate, moist and tender. I add just a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg to the batter to add a warming flavor and aroma. This fluffy cake is dotted with tons of blueberries and of course that crumble topping. I make the topping with old-fashioned oats, diced pecans, brown sugar, butter and just a hint of cinnamon. The crumble topping is simply incredible! You’ll love the crunchiness that it adds to the cake!


And, for my favorite part – the blueberry whipped cream topping! I just make a batch of whipped cream, then add blueberry preserves straight into the whipped cream. It’s that easy! And, it transforms this recipe! It adds a bit more sweetness and a whole lot of creaminess to every bite. If you love loads of whipped cream, consider making a double batch, because it might be gone quick!

The prep time for this cake is about 20 to 25 minutes! Super easy to make, no special tools required!

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