Best Macaron Recipes, plus baking tips for success!

Best Macaron Recipes


If you’ve been following my page or channel for a while, you know I LOVE macarons! For this post, I wanted to bring together all the best macaron recipes into one spot! I have soo many unique and incredible flavors on my channel and I wanted to highlight all my favorites from over the years!

My love for macarons began about 4 years ago and it was NOT love at first sight! Baking these temperamental little cookies was a nightmare at first! I think I ruined at least four batches before I finally got something that resembled a macaron cookie! Now, macarons are my favorite dessert to make! I find the whole process a bit like meditation. It’s so relaxing and enjoyable once you get the hang of making them. Over the holiday season, I baked six batches for all my neighbors and friends to enjoy!

Here are few tips to help you with baking and enjoying these cookies!

  1. Whisk the egg whites just until they reach stiff peak stage. Under mixing will result in a flat batter; over mixing can cause the cookies to spread while baking.
  2. Fold the batter thoroughly, flattening the egg whites against the side of your mixing bowl. BUT, be careful – you don’t want to over mix the batter! That will also cause your cookies to be just flat, shapeless disks.
  3. Allow those cookies to REST! Let the cookies stand for an hour at room temperature, allowing a thin shell to form on the outside. This shell gives the cookies their shape so it’s crucial! If your macarons are cracking on top, you might need to let the cookies rest longer. If you live in a humid climate, extend the timing even more as humidity and moisture will prevent a shell from forming.
  4. If you are baking colored or white macarons on parchment paper and want to avoid a burnt or yellow bottom, line the bottom of pan with a silicon mat. I prefer to bake on parchment paper because I get better results but every oven bakes different so try both methods!
  5. I recommend keeping these refrigerated for at least two days to allow the macarons to ‘mature’. When they ‘mature’, the shells become softer and even more delicious! Take them out at least an hour before enjoying to allow the cookies to thaw and come up to room temperature.

*Click on any image or the links above the photos to take you directly to the recipe!*

I wanted to start this collection of my best macaron recipes with my all-time favorite – coffee caramel macarons! These are one of the first recipes I shared and make these all the time! My husband enjoys them, too!

These chocolate mint macarons are a close second-favorite! I love making these during the holiday season! They taste almost like mint thins with the coating of chocolate and they’re perfectly refreshing after dinner!

If you love fruity macarons, I’ve got you covered with a few incredible recipes, starting with these ‘Triple Strawberry Macarons’! I recently started adding a sprinkle of citric acid powder (available online) to add a zesty twist and balance out the sweetness.

Next up, my raspberry lemon macarons. This is the FIRST macaron recipe I ever tried and it’s still so delicious!

I love these chocolate macarons with tangy and fruity pomegranate buttercream. This buttercream is simply incredible! You’ll want to use it for everything!

Another fruity macaron recipe – these sparkly, gold-dusted peach champagne macarons are so fancy!

I often get asked where I get my recipe inspiration. For macarons, I love to recreate the flavors of traditional dessert recipes, like this recipe for tiramisu macarons.

If you love cinnamon rolls, you’ll love these cinnamon rolls macarons! Plus, they’re so fun to make!

And these blueberry cheesecake macarons taste like a bite of heavenly cheesecake!

Next up, sparkling grape macarons! These are SOO fruity and delicious and I love the silver sparkle, which makes them look extra fancy!

Not all macarons are nice and round! These heart-shaped maraschino cherry macarons are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

If you’re craving the flavors of the tropics but are stuck at home, try these coconut mango macarons to satisfy your cravings!

And last up in my best macaron recipes collection, my pumpkin spice macarons! I made these this fall and let me tell you, they are soo delicious! They taste just like a bite of all things fall!

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