Basic Vanilla Buttercream Recipe

Basic Vanilla Buttercream Recipe

A great recipe for simple vanilla buttercream frosting is priceless! I love the versatility of this frosting and the ease with which you can make it! This frosting holds its shape very well, making it ideal for frosting cakes, cupcakes and decorating desserts with piping tips. This frosting will hold its shape well enough for flowers, too. Try adding different flavors, syrups or even fruit puree at the end to make a flavored frosting!

As a guide for you, this recipe will frost a 2 to 3 layer 8-inch cake, or 24 regular cupcakes. This vanilla buttercream recipe is very simple to increase or reduce. I recommend cutting the recipe in half if you don’t need too much frosting; or, doubling it up if you have a larger cake.

I frequently get asked about the consistency and texture of buttercreams that use confectioner’s sugar. If you’ve ever had a grainy buttercream, you know what I’m talking about! To avoid this problem, I recommend always using a fresh bag of confectioner’s sugar. This type of sugar absorbs moisture like nothing else and will quickly clump up when left in the pantry, causing recipe problems!

Watch my video recipe for step-by-step instructions! 

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Basic Vanilla Buttercream

This buttercream goes so well with my basic ‘Vanilla Cake’! Get the recipe:

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