Maraschino Heart Macarons

Maraschino Heart Macarons


What can make macarons even more fun to make than they already are? Making heart macarons! These Maraschino-filled heart shaped macarons are the perfect cookie for Valentine’s Day! Not only are they delicious and adorable, they’re easy to make! They’re a great gift to give away to that special someone, or to enjoy all for yourself! But don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to enjoy them. These heart macarons are also great for bridal showers or special, romantic events!

Watch my video recipe for step-by-step instructions!

I made this recipe with maraschino cherries. If you prefer a different filling, try adding diced strawberry or crushed, freeze-dried raspberries! Check out my other macaron recipes for filling ideas. To make these even more special, try drizzling the top of the cookies with melted chocolate, add sprinkles or other edible decorations. For best results, allow the cookies to ‘mature’ in the refrigerator for two days before enjoying them. Just place them into an airtight container so they remain fresh, then remove one hour before enjoying.


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Serve these heart macarons with this stunning triple layered strawberry and red velvet cheesecake!

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