Chocolate Cherry Cake - Black Forest Cake

Chocolate Cherry Cake – Black Forest Cake

The Black Forest Cake – the ultimate chocolate cherry cake creation! This visually stunning cake is made with tender and moist chocolate cake layers, a simple cream cheese frosting and of course, loads of cherries! You’ll get fruity cherry flavor with every bite! When cherry season starts in the summer, I know it’s time to make my Black Forest cake. It’s one of my favorite summer treats! If you don’t have fresh cherries available, this cake will also taste great with canned cherries.

The origin of this cake can be traced back to Germany, where this cake is made extra boozy using cherry liqueur, or kirsch liqueur. I love to add the liqueur when I have it on hand for even more flavor! You can soak the cherries in the liqueur for a few hours, or you can soak the chocolate cake layers with a bit of kirsch for added moisture. With or without the liqueur, this cake tastes incredible!

Watch my video recipe for all the sweet details!

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When cherry season starts, it's time to bake this 'Chocolate Cherry Cake'! View Recipe Link

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